Got a business card? You need a business card holder!

Fashions come and go in business as in everything else, but the business card has been one constant over literally 100s of years. For such a simple format, the business card has remained a constant for business – and the business card holder has been around almost a long.


Experts usually agree that the origins of the business card can be traced back to China in the 15th century. They were known as ‘visiting cards’ and served as a calling card to announce one’s intention of meeting with another individual. They could also be handed at the door of elite establishments so that the owner of the establishment could decide if permitting a meeting was worthwhile. Visiting cards were an essential self-promotion tool of the upper classes, a personal advertisement and a basis of forging an introduction. Later in the 17th century, London merchants began to use ‘trade cards’. At a time when street numbers were not in popular use, these cards were a crucial promotional tool which informed customers of both the business location and the serves available. They would be handed out in public squares and markets and on occasions could be used to establish trade links and credit with other local businesses. Trade cards were taken very seriously, and a signed card would be considered contractually and legally binding.

The business card holder

The idea of personal visiting cards seems a quaint custom today in our digitally driven and much less formal times, but the business card has remained perhaps the first item of stationery for any new business. Its format and formula means it is still the best way to communicate basic details about you, your contact details and the business. Clever designers and smart people have created some truly memorable designs but they have messed with the simple format at their peril.

If the aim of the business card is to promote the business, then the business card holder supports that aim. They are great way to ensure your card gets noticed, especially if you are not around. In waiting rooms or retail displays; in reception areas or at Trade Shows the simple business card holder keeps your cards looking neat, tidy and in one accessible place. Durable, low-cost and stylish the business card holder is there to ensure you maximise the effectiveness of the ever popular business card.

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